Standing Room Only specialize in providing entertainers for 

Private Parties, Corporate Events, Company Picnics, Marketing, Promotions, Holiday Celebrations, Birthdays, Graduations, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Classes and Workshops.

Below I have provided you with a short list of some of the ways that you can have entertainment at your next event.

The Wizard of Weird Comedy and Magic Show

This Sideshow Banner is the backdrop to The Wizard of Weird Comedy and Magic Show, which is an homage to the American Frightshows that were presented live on stage in movie theaters from the 1930's to the late 1960's. These off-beat magic shows were often presented at midnight with a horror movie.

Magic Presentations

Comedy Magician - A comedy magic show is fun for the whole family. The show includes lots of audience participation and is age appropriate.

Strolling Magician- A strolling magician performs close up magic, sleight of hand, and other miracles as he walks around and mingles with your guests. Strolling magic is a great addition to any party setting.

Magic Bartending- Have a magician mix drinks and perform magic behind the bar at your next cocktail party.

Comedy Magic Roast- Is great way to celebrate a person on a milestone occasion. Roasts are great for birthdays, retirements, bachelor/bachelorette parties and any other occasion where one person is being celebrated.

The Wizard of Weird - Magic and Comedy show is inspired by the midnight fright shows that were performed in movie theaters during the golden age of cinema. The Wizard of Weird is available for theatrical presentations, corporate events and private parties.

Airbrush Tattoos, Face Painting and Henna

Airbrush Tattoos, Face Painting and Henna are popular ways to celebrate special occasions. Below are the most popular face painting and body art techniques on the market.

Airbrush Tattoos-Airbrush Tattoos are colorful, detailed and easy to remove. Theme options include Trending, Beautiful, Cute, Children, Celtic, Asian, Biker, Tribal, Spiritual, Adult, Teen, personalized (your name or logo) designs.  Vibrant colors of body paint, glitter, colored powder shimmers can be added to enhance and customize each design. Airbrush tattoos are water resistant dry immediately and will last for several days up to a week they can be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil.

Face Painting-Face painting is an artistic application of cosmetic paints to a persons face and body, options range from cheek art, partial face, full face, arms, hands etc. design options include Animal, Characters, Comic Book, Cartoon, Fairies, Sports and more.

Henna -Henna is a temporary body art resulting from staining the skin. Henna only stains the skin one color, a variation of reddish brown. Henna fully matures three days after the application. The henna artist use's all natural ingredients to create both traditional and modern designs that are applied by hand or with a stencil. If properly cared for a henna tattoo can last several days to a couple of weeks.

Tatt-Vertising - Is a creative and effective way to promote and advertise your business or product at special events and trade-shows. We hand cut a custom stencil of your companies brand or logo then it's applied as an airbrush tattoo onto potential customers  literally turning anyone that gets airbrushed into a walking billboard. Few marketing tools can draw a crowd or leave an impact as effectively as airbrush tattoos. This concept has been successful in all types of large crowd venues including, trade shows, sporting events, grand openings, movie premiers and concerts.

Clients include - LA Lakers, Bob's Big Boy, Mooneyes, X-Games, State farm Insurance, Golds Gym and more.

Artists use only professional grade hypoallergenic water based paints and make-up.

For more information regarding tattvertising click on the link below.

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Psychic Entertainment

Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, Crystal Divination, and other styles of Fortune telling are great ways to entertain your family, friends and co-workers. The psychic performers will provide your guests with accurate and positive readings and create an air of mysticism with wonderful props and costumes.

Tarot – The Tarot Cards are stories conveyed in pictures. They are used as a means of predicting events or receiving guidance in both our inner(spiritual) and outer (material) world. The cards offer psychological insight, wise council and accurate divination.

Palmistry- Palm reading is the study of the lines, mounts, and shapes of the hands. The palm reader can explain the meaning of the lines in the hand and the effects each line has on the many phases of ones life.

Handwriting Analysis-Handwriting is a remarkable reflection of a person’s true but often “hidden” character, revealing things about personality, aptitudes, emotions, and state of mind beyond what can be observed. Graphology is an entertaining way of finding out more about yourself and others.

Organized Games & Team Building

A Game Master facilitates both indoor and outdoor activities such as classic picnic games, minute to win it style challenges and team building events. These games are fun, build trust and improve communication.

For more information about organized games and team building activities please contact.

Balloon Art

A strolling or stationary Balloon Artist entertains while creating instant art at your guest request.

Traditional Balloon Artist- Using a variety techniques the balloon artist creates temporary masterpieces ranging from animals, characters, wearable hats and all kinds of accessories. Fun for the whole family. 

Burlesque Balloon Artist- Is great for an all adult party some ideas include bachelorette parties, adult birthdays, roast, college events and any unusual venue creating comedic adult themed balloons.

For more information on Burlesque Balloons click on link below.

Interactive Craft Station

An interactive craft station is a great addition to any event. This hands on creative space can be designed to fit the theme of your event and is a great take away for your guests. All projects are age appropriate and supervised by an experienced craft instructor.

Some of the more popular DIY projects are Duct Tape Crafts, Dog Tag Jewelry, Scrap Booking, Fuzzy Monsters and Sand Art.

For a complete list of craft ideas please contact.

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